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Collagen Supplements for Dogs, Pets, & Horses

Support your pet's health with equine supplements and collagen supplements for dogs. We provide collagen for pets that can make a difference in the life of your favorite animals. Collagen for horses and dogs helps replenish your pet's naturally diminishing collagen levels and supports healthy joints. Whether you need horse supplements or dog supplements, our pet collagen offers the perfect solution. Purchase yours today.

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Collagen for Pets

Collagen for Pets Delivers the Best for Your Animals

Loving pet owners always strive to provide the best for their animal companions. When it comes to their health, longevity and quality of life, nutrition plays a pivotal role. Enter collagen for pets — an innovation that may be a game-changer in your dog's or horse's well-being. Custom Collagen specializes in manufacturing and distributing pet collagen, enhancing the lives of animals everywhere. Our collagen for pets lets your horse or dog live its best life. Shop now and see the difference that pet collagen can make.

Why You Should Order Pet Collagen From Custom Collagen

Founded more than 20 years ago, Custom Collagen is a trusted source of pet collagen. As with all our collagen products, you can rely on the high quality and purity of our collagen for pets. Plus, we make the ordering process simple. You can purchase pet collagen at any time from our website, or order by calling 630-628-8082 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Central time), Monday through Friday. We offer next-day shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with your pet collagen purchase. Order today and take advantage of everything we offer.

Collagen for Pets

Pet Collagen to the Rescue

Collagen constitutes the most abundant protein found in mammals, making up around 25% to 35% of the total protein content in the body. This naturally occurring protein provides structural support for muscles, tendons and ligaments. It's also vital for skin, coat, nails and joint health. As pets age, their bodies produce less collagen, resulting in a range of aging signs, including joint pain, arthritis, skin conditions and loss of vitality.

Custom Collagen's pet collagen offers an answer to these problems. Created with the utmost care, these supplements aim to replenish the lost collagen, aiding in stronger joints, healthier skin, shinier coats and overall enhanced vitality.

Collagen for Dogs and Horses

Custom Collagen's collagen for dogs is particularly beneficial. Dogs of all ages can face joint problems, but senior dogs, large breeds or dogs with active lifestyles are often more prone. Our collagen supplements for dogs support joint health by promoting cartilage regeneration, helping reduce inflammation and pain and improving mobility. It also works wonders for their coat and skin, which can be prone to allergies, dryness or hot spots. Regular intake of our dog supplements can help maintain the skin's elasticity and hydration, promoting a healthier, shinier coat.

The benefits of our collagen supplements for horses are equally significant. In the equestrian world, maintaining a horse's joint health is crucial. Competitive and working horses often undergo intense physical stress, resulting in joint pain, stiffness and arthritis. By integrating Custom Collagen's collagen for horses into their diet, you provide them with a natural source of the proteins needed to support joint health and integrity. Our horse supplements also aid in maintaining their lustrous coat and healthy hooves, which are crucial for their well-being and performance.

Collagen for Pets

Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen for Pets

The global market for pet supplements, including pet collagen, is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2030. As the go-to supplier of collagen for pets, Custom Collagen is well-positioned to answer your questions about collagen for horses and dogs. Read on to learn more.

What Kind of Collagen Do You Use in Your Collagen for Dogs and Horses?

We use bovine collagen in our collagen for dogs and horses.

How Do I Use Pet Collagen?

We recommend sprinkling pet collagen on your horse's or dog's food once a day.

Where Will My Pet Collagen Ship From?

We ship all orders, including pet collagen, from our warehouse in Addison, Illinois.

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