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Supplements are for Everyone

When we hear the word supplements, we tend to think of doctor-ordered, heavy-duty vitamin and mineral supplements for people that are deficient in a key health facet. Otherwise, we think of protein and diet supplements for people who are trying to bulk up or lean out. If you aren’t getting supplements on doctor’s orders and you’re not trying to change your weight or body type, it’s easy to assume that your body can’t make use of any supplements; supplements simply aren’t for you. This, of course, is just not true.

The truth is that almost no one has sufficient amounts of every vitamin and mineral they need. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in ten Americans are not getting enough of some top key vitamins. The CDC found that a majority of women aged 20-40 don’t get enough iodine which is a key nutrient found in salt, seafood, and dairy. Women and children also aren’t getting enough iron and, on top of that, a large portion of the population is at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Considering this, it is clear that many people who don’t think they could benefit from supplements really could use them for better general health and wellness.

Outside of the realm of vitamins, there are some things our body stops helping us with as we age. In our mid-twenties, for example, our bodies slow down their production of collagen which is what leads to wrinkles, increased appearance of stretch marks, and more painful joints. Everyone has these problems because of decreased collagen production and that means that a collagen supplement is one supplement everyone can benefit from. Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen can help reduce wrinkles, fight joint pain, and make you look and feel younger. It is a total-body supplement that helps everything from your brain to your toenails so while not all supplements are for everyone, everyone could benefit from some supplements.