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Multi Collagen Peptides
Multi Collagen Peptides

Multi Collagen Peptides

The 1st Multi Collagen to contain 100% pure collagen ingredients!

  • NO BROTH CONCENTRATES: The first multi collagen to contain 100% collagen ingredients - no chicken broth concentrates! Instead, this is rich in chicken collagen type II.
  • 5 TYPES OF FOOD SOURCE COLLAGEN: Grass fed pasture raised beef collagen, wild caught Alaskan pollock fish collagen, egg collagen and chicken collagen all in one!
  • RICH IN PROTEIN & AMINO ACIDS: Multi Collagen naturally contains 18 essential amino acids and is packed with 10g of protein per serving
  • JOINTS, HAIR, SKIN, NAILS: Multi Collagen proteins are different from other proteins. They’re vital for joint function and flexibility, muscle tone, energy and endurance, nail and hair growth, skin tone, digestion, liver function, wound healing, detoxification, natural sleep and much more!

Long Hair

Strong Nails

Joint Function

Repair Joint Cartilage

Rebuild Organ Tissue

Improved Digestion

Minimize Wrinkles


Energy & Endurance

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Packed with 5 Types of Collagen

Grass fed beef collagen peptides – types 1 and 3, wild caught marine collagen peptides – types 1 and 3, eggshell membrane collagen – types 1, 5 and 10, and chicken collagen – type 2.

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No Broth Concentrates

We don’t mess with unnecessary filler ingredients like broth concentrates. You get 100% pure collagen in our Multi Collagen Peptides products.

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Your Body Will Say Thank you

Strengthen hair, skin and nails, essential for joint and bone health, packed with 10 grams of protein, naturally contains 18 amino acids.

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Family Owned & Operated

Custom Collagen Inc. was established in 2001 as a family owned and operated business in the USA. Buy with confidence!

No Odor

No Taste

Highly Soluble

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Custom Collagen is a family owned and operated collagen manufacturer. We make the collagen, fill the jars and ship out of our own warehouse.This allows us to pass on all cost savings to our customers - providing you with budget friendly collagen options.