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Why Collagen is a Gardener’s Best Friend


Gardening is an incredibly rewarding hobby. Spending time outdoors, doing manual labor, and seeing tangible products of your work all make gardening healthy and rewarding for both mind and body. That doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging, though. Figuring out how best to care for different kinds of plants and doing the work it takes is time consuming and, sometimes, physically demanding. If you have a green thumb and love a gorgeous garden but don’t want to suffer for your art, collagen can help!

One of the downfalls of gardening is how hard it can be on your hands and skin. Digging and planting, even with gardening gloves can cause nail breakage, cuts, and calluses. Not to mention, extra time in the sun is always hard on skin, and extra time outdoors typically dehydrates us quicker. Luckily, Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen can help to protect your skin and nails. Beauty Tonic utilized collagen types I & III to help nails grow stronger and be more resistant to damage or breakage. We can’t help with the dirt under your fingernails issue, but with Beauty Tonic you won’t have to sacrifice your nail aesthetics for your plants! And because collagen helps your skin to retain moisture, your skin can better stand up to a gardening session and a subsequent scrub to remove the dirt. That being said, always drink extra water when working outside, and of course, use sun protection!

Did you know our hair can also suffer from the perils of the great outdoors? While gardening, it is best to wear a hat that can protect your skin and hair from sun damage. If you are not protecting your hair from the sun, prolonged exposure can dry out your locks and make them brittle. But again, adding our Beauty Collagen to your routine can help hair stay smooth and moisturized. A consistent collagen regimen can also encourage your hair to grow faster and stronger to help undo any previous sun damage.

As any gardener know, our joints can also suffer from time spent gardening. We’re often crouched or bent over, and using lawn tools is hard work! These postures and actions can aggravate back or hip pain, making it difficult to continue enjoying your hobby. As we get older, this problem gets worse, and that is because our bodies begin to slow their natural production of collagen, the protein used to protect your joints. With Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein, your body can better protect your joints as well as nourish your muscles to help you be able to keep your garden beautiful with less pain, soreness, and fatigue.

Gardening is one of the most rewarding springtime activities, but it is a lot of work! With our Collagens, your green thumb can shine without sacrificing healthy hair, skin, nails, or joints. Plus, as the season continues, we’ll be sharing recipes utilizing fresh veggies and fruit you can grow in your own yard or planter!

For those interested in starting a garden for the first time, we recommend consulting your local garden center or nursery. There are of course many wonderful online resources, but gardening varies by location, so in this category, local information is always best! Many townships and even libraries also have gardening clubs or resources available and we’d encourage you to check them out!