Basic Collagen Breakdown - Custom Collagen


Basic Collagen Breakdown

Collagen might seem a little bit complex at first, but the benefits of taking collagen regularly will be clear once you understand how it works. Here is a quick breakdown of what this amazing supplement is! There are many types of collagen but we are going to explain the most common types that will benefit you.

Type 1 Collagen:

This is the most plentiful collagen found in your body because it is found in your skin, ligaments, tendons, and even organs. Almost 90% of the collagen in our body is Type 1 collagen. Whenever you cut, scrape, or bruise your skin Type 1 Collagen helps with rebuilding the wound. It helps with skin elasticity, nail growth and strength, hair growth and fullness, fat burn, improve sleep cycles, and gut health.

Type 3 Collagen:

This type of collagen supports Type 1 Collagen and is the most common besides Type 1. This type of collagen is found in muscles, blood vessels, the intestinal walls, and very commonly alongside Type 1 Collagen. Both types of collagen work together to keep skin elastic and firm. Type 3 is very important though as it works within the blood vessels and sensitive tissues around and within the heart.

Both types of collagen are found in bovine sourced collagen. Our bovine sourced collagen is sustainably sourced, grass fed, pasture raised, and contains no artificial growth hormones. It is found within the hide, bone and cartilage of the cow.

This source of collagen is usually less expensive than other sources and is highly soluble so you can mix it into your diet easily. Bovine collagen products are low in calories, have no carbohydrates, and also do not have sugar. It is gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, soy free, and paleo friendly. You can take this supplement with any meal, or snack. For a quick boost just add to your favorite hot or cold beverage.