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Collagen Supplements for Animals

Discover top-quality collagen for animals for supporting your pets' health and vitality. Our collagen supplements are specially formulated to address the natural decline in collagen levels that animals may experience. Whether you're looking to enhance your pet's well-being or improve your vitality, our comprehensive range of pet supplements and OTC collagen products has you covered. Shop the best collagen supplements for horses and dogs at Custom Collagen.

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Collagen for Animals: A Healthful Boost

Collagen is key for your dogs and horses, ensuring sturdy joints and healthy aging. As animals age, collagen levels drop, which could lead to joint pain and less mobility. Our collagen for pets is crafted to combat these common issues. Discover the role of collagen for animals, and see how our products can provide the support your pets need. With Custom Collagen, give your pets the vitality they deserve.

Benefits of Collagen for Animals

Discover the essential role of collagen in animals and how our supplements can make a difference. Learn how it impacts your pets' health, and why it's a smart choice for combating the natural collagen loss they may experience.

Joint Comfort

Providing the right amount of collagen for animals is crucial, especially when it comes to joint health. It acts as a cushion between joints, ensuring smooth movement for your pets. However, as animals lose collagen with age, joint discomfort can arise. Our supplements are designed to bridge this collagen deficit, helping to keep your dogs and horses active and comfortable.

Skin and Coat Radiance

The role of collagen in animals includes maintaining a vibrant skin and coat. With age, the decrease in collagen can lead to duller coats and itchy skin. Our collagen for animals supplements aim to counter this, promoting a shiny coat and healthier skin for your beloved pets. Experience visibly enhanced manes, tails and overall fur quality — the kind of improvement you can see and feel, showcasing a healthier glow in your pets.

Digestion Support

Collagen for animals isn't just about joints and coats; it's a game changer for digestion too. By breaking down proteins and soothing the gut lining, it sets the stage for smoother digestion. As animals lose collagen, the gastrointestinal tract can take a hit. Our supplements help form the much-needed connective tissue, bringing a host of restorative amino acids to the table.

Glycine, a standout amino acid in collagen, is known for its soothing vibes. It helps calm the digestive system, making mealtime a more pleasant experience for your dogs and horses.

Improves Teeth, Nails and Hooves

Turns out, collagen for animals does wonders for teeth and nails too. While we often credit calcium for strong teeth and nails, it's actually collagen that's the star player. When animals lose collagen, their teeth, nails and hooves can lose their strength. Our collagen supplements aim to tackle this issue head-on, promoting stronger and healthier teeth, hooves and nails for your dogs and horses. The role of collagen in animals goes beyond the surface and contributes to the holistic well-being of your cherished companions.

Why Collagen for Animals is Crucial: A Closer Look at Horses

When it comes to caring for your horses, addressing their collagen needs is imperative. Here’s why integrating Custom Collagen's collagen supplements for horses into your feeding routine can be a game changer:

Chronic Laminitis and Hoof Health

Conditions like chronic laminitis or cracked hooves are all too common, causing distress not only for the horses but also for the owners and caretakers. Our specially formulated collagen for animals works to improve hoof health and mitigate these issues.

Joint Comfort and Mobility

The role of collagen in animals, particularly in supporting joint health, is pivotal. Gelatin collagen aids in repairing damaged cartilage and reducing stiffness, making movement less of a chore for your horses.

Wound Repair

Accidents happen, and when they do, the healing proteins and amino acids in gelatin collagen can help expedite wound repair. The role of collagen in animals in wound healing is pivotal as it forms a scaffold that new cells can adhere to, promoting faster tissue regeneration. Collagen's natural properties may also help minimize scarring.

Combatting Protein Deficiency

Normal feeds may fall short in providing the essential proteins and amino acids necessary for optimal joint and cartilage health. Supplementing with Custom Collagen for animals provides that extra layer of nutritional support, which is especially beneficial for horses in training.

Arthritis and Joint Complaints

Do animals lose collagen? Yes, and this loss can trigger or exacerbate degenerative symptoms of arthritis and other joint complaints. Gelatin collagen supplementation works to alleviate these symptoms, supporting a more comfortable and active life for your horses.

Role of Collagen in Animals

Why Do Animals Lose Collagen?

Just like humans, animals experience a natural decline in collagen production as they age. Collagen for animals is crucial as it's the glue holding their bodies together. When collagen levels drop, it could lead to common aging issues like joint discomfort or a less shiny coat. Understanding the role of collagen in animals helps provide the right care for your pets, ensuring they remain active and comfortable through their golden years.

Why Choose Custom Collagen for Animals

When it comes to boosting your pet's health, not all supplements are created equal. Custom Collagen's collagen for animals stands out, offering an all-natural, clean collagen supplement derived from the highest quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle. It's a choice you can feel good about, knowing you're giving something pure and beneficial to your animals.

Here's why Custom Collagen is a step above:

  • All-Natural Goodness: Our collagen is sourced from premium cattle with no fillers or preservatives. It's a clean, natural product that aligns with a wholesome approach to pet care.
  • Experienced Production: With over 40 years in the industry, we're not just providers; we're experts. Our knowledgeable team ensures top-notch sourcing, production, testing and packaging, all done in-house.
  • Trusted Legacy: As a family-owned venture, we've been offering clean collagen for animals since 2003, building trust and expertise along the way.

Your pets deserve the best, and with Custom Collagen, that's exactly what they get. Embrace the role of collagen in animals by choosing a supplement that's backed by quality, experience and a genuine love for animal well-being.

Do Animals Lose Collagen

Uncovering Answers: Collagen for Animals FAQ

Explore common questions about the role of collagen in animals and discover how our supplements support the vitality of your dogs and horses.

Can Dogs Take Collagen for Humans?

When it comes to sharing your collagen supplements with your furry friend, the type of collagen matters. A clean, high-quality and unflavored collagen powder is generally safe for your dog as the ingredients are pet-friendly. However, there are certain aspects you should be cautious about:

  • Sweeteners: While natural flavors like stevia and monk fruit may be safe for dogs in small amounts, other artificial sweeteners are a no-go. It's best to play it safe and opt for unsweetened collagen.
  • Added Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives: The market is flooded with collagen supplements boasting added vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to enhance their appeal. However, these additions may not be suitable for your dog.

At Custom Collagen, we believe in the power of pure collagen, free from additives like tryptophan or vitamin C, making our collagen for animals the best bet for your pet.

What Collagen Supplement Options Are Available for Horses?

When it comes to supporting the well-being of your horses, Custom Collagen has you covered. Our Equine Support Collagen Care is specifically formulated to meet the needs of your equine companions. Available in larger quantities of 10-pound and 20-pound pails, this collagen for animals blend provides a substantial supply of the highest quality ingredients. With no additives or fillers, you're getting 100% pure collagen aimed at supporting and preserving your horse's health. Please consult with your veterinarian before administering to discuss dosage and possible side effects.

What Makes Custom Collagen’s Canine Support Unique?

Custom Collagen's Canine Support collagen for animals is a specialized blend crafted for dogs of all sizes, ensuring they get the nutritional support needed for a vibrant and active life. This non-GMO and gluten-free formula combines the benefits of bovine collagen and biotin, working synergistically to enhance various aspects of your dog's health. The collagen protein in the mix is a powerhouse for boosting energy, improving hip and joint function and enhancing mobility. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is essential for your dog's growth, digestion and muscle function. Together, these two key ingredients work in harmony to strengthen nails, enrich skin and coat conditions and aid in preventing skin allergies. It's a thoughtful formulation aimed at providing a holistic approach to your dog's well-being.

Elevate Your Pet's Health with Collagen for Animals from Custom Collagen

Giving the best to your dogs and horses means understanding their health needs at every stage of life. The role of collagen in animals is important throughout their life cycle. Ready to make a difference in your pet's life? Discover our collection of collagen for animals and take a step towards better health and happier moments with your canine and equine companions. Shop collagen for horses and dog collagen supplements today!

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