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3 Fall Activities to keep you Active


Sometimes, staying active can get a little stale. Sticking it out in the gym or your living room for days on end can turn into a drag and make you feel like giving up on your fitness altogether. When those feelings start to creep in, it’s always good to remember that keeping active doesn’t have to mean spending your time lifting weights or running on the treadmill. In fact, there are a ton of fun fall activities that will help you get in an hour of light exercise while enjoying the world and the season. Here are our picks for fall activities to keep you active.

Corn mazes: Corn mazes are a great way to get into the fall spirit while getting in a long walk. Make sure you pick a maze that is big enough that you can get a decent walk in and then just let yourself get lost with a friend so that the two of you have to find your way out together. You’ll spend so much time giggling at meeting dead ends that you won’t even realize that you’re getting in your daily exercise along the way.

Apple picking: Another activity that requires a specific location is apple picking. Find your nearest orchard and spend an hour or two walking the rows, finding delicious apple varieties to pick. Most orchards even allow you to sample an apple or two along the way so you can get a healthy fall-themes snack in during your exercise. Carrying the bag of apples you choose will also exercise your arms. The bonus is getting home and making some delicious apple-based recipes.

Leaf-peeping: If you’re looking for a totally-free fall activity, go leaf peeping! Have you even enjoyed fall if you haven’t admired the beautiful leaves? Take a hike through some gorgeous scenery and just enjoy the many colors. Plus, you could pick up some unique leaves along the way and take them home to make leaf art. It’s a great way to exercise your body as well as your creativity!