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Summer Aquatic Activities to keep you Active

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of opportunities to work out outside of the gym. If you feel like you’ve been in an exercise rut all winter long or if you just can’t stand the thought of working out inside when the weather is nice, we have some suggestions for you. Today we’re featuring some aquatic activities that can make your summer exercises fun and unique. You get to explore your local area, spend some time in the water, and get some fitness in without suffering through a daily grind.

Just remember to fuel your body through your summer adventures with protein and amino acids with Gym & Tonic. Gym & Tonic is a collagen and protein supplement that helps your body stay fit, energized, and healthy. It’s easy to mix into your travel water bottle so that you can keep moving and exploring. So here’s our suggestions for summer aquatic activities:

Swimming: We can’t make a summer water exercise list without this classic. Swimming is always a great way to get in your work out but summertime means you don’t have to be stuck swimming laps in an indoor pool. This summer, find an outdoor pool or, even better, a beach where you can swim in the sunshine.

Paddle Board Yoga: Yoga is a great option for outdoor exercise because you can do it just about anywhere but we dare you to try a new challenging fad this summer: paddle board yoga. Yes, we really are talking about yoga on a big standing paddle board. Paddle board yoga places have been popping up all over the place lately and it is the perfect combination of challenging, fun, and silly. You might fall in once or twice but so what? It adds to the fun. Look to see if there’s a place near you where you can try it out!

Kayaking: Another summer classic, kayaking is an amazing way to see your local nature areas from a new perspective. Look for kayak rentals in beautiful places and just go exploring with a friend or two. Your arms will get a workout and you’ll get your share of sunshine and fresh air. Just remember your sunscreen!

Paddle Boats: Slightly easier than kayaking and focused on the legs instead of arms, lots of places will rent out paddle boats by the hour where you propel a small boat around a body of water via bike-style peddling. The boats are generally two-seaters so it’s the perfect activity to do with friends or a date! Chat, laugh, see nature, and get leg day in with just one activity. It’s the perfect summer day.