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Snow-Day Self-Care


Winter weather always has the potential to throw a curve ball at us, especially those of us living in Northern climates. Many places have already experienced more than their usual share of snow and ice storms, freezing temperatures, and high winds. This wacky winter weather can bring about the unexpected snow day or two; even some businesses in high-weather areas have granted a snow day this year!

 We’re yet to hear what the groundhog will predict for this spring, but chances are we haven’t seen the last of the snow! While some down-time at home can be good for the soul, we’ve got a few tips to make the most of a potential snow day. We suggest avoiding boredom or stress by turning your day stuck at home into a day of self-care with three steps that will allow you to return to work/school days calmer, happier, and feeling restored.

  1. Pamper your skin with Beauty Tonic collagen and a face mask. Since there’s no need for makeup when you’re snowed in, take the opportunity to revitalize your skin. Start by mixing your daily dose of Beauty Tonic into your breakfast beverage of choice to get that glow going from the inside, out! Get that spa-day feel and an extra skin boost by using your favorite face mask or mixing up a home-made one; we have several recipes that are perfect for this situation throughout the blog!
  2. Eat some self-care food. We all have food that makes us feel good, even if it isn’t the best for our bodies. While a snow day practically demands comfort food, feel-good food doesn’t have to be so unhealthy. Resist the temptation to order in something greasy (and making some poor delivery kid drive in the snow), and instead opt for a home-cooked soup. Soup is a cold-day staple, will warm you up from the inside, and is easy to throw together with whatever ingredients you already have (again, check out our recipes). Soup is also great because it can be left to simmer while you get a little something done around the house or wrangle the kids.
  3. Do a little bit of nothing. While snow days can be a good time to catch up on household chores or extra work, unless your self-care of choice is cleaning, trying to make your day off ultra-productive can cause unnecessary stress. Set aside at least a little time to relax. Take a nap, play a video game, take a bubble bath, watch a movie, or do a puzzle; just do something that leaves you feeling calm and restored.