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Home Workout to Rebuild Leg Strength


Let’s be honest, quarantine has been hard. Some of us may have extra time, but because it is so easy and tempting to stay indoors, safe, and stationary, walks, runs, and workout sessions can be fewer and farther in between. This lack of physical activity, though, leaves you at a disadvantage when you find your motivation again. It’s difficult and can even be discouraging to take long walks or jogs to enjoy the outdoors if your legs are not as strong as they used to be. If you’re like us, and your legs are feeling a little less fit than you’d like, we have an easy – no equipment needed workout for building that strength back up. With these moves and this routine, you’ll be able to build your strength and be able to keep up in the gym much sooner.

The Moves:

Weighted Squats:

Squats are great for working your legs and your glutes. For this one, grab a weight of some kind. A kettle bell is great if available, but have fun improvising with books, jugs of household liquids, cans, or even a pet or kid! Start by standing with your feet a bit wider than shoulder-distance apart with the weight held at your chest. Slowly drop into a squat, bending your knees but keeping your back straight, chin lifted, and weight shifted back into your heels. Hold this position for a few seconds before rising and starting again.


Step-ups are basically like doing stairs but don’t require a staircase or Stairmaster. Using a low stool or sturdy box, step up onto it one foot at a time, using the strength of your forward leg to lift you, and then step back down the same way. If you do have any stairs in your home, the first step works great. Repeat this movement slowly so as to work your leg muscles more than you raise your heart rate. If you want to incorporate cardio, you could do this faster but be careful not to lose your balance.


We all know and love (okay maybe not love) lunges. Start in a standing position with your feet together. Then step forward with one foot, dropping into a lunge; you should feel this in the muscles throughout the leg. Step back up and repeat with the opposite foot. If you’d like, you can hold your position in the lunge for a few seconds, or even add a pulse before stepping back up. To make this more challenging, add some weights.


Stand flat on one foot with your other leg bent slightly so that your foot is off the ground, resting next to your calf. Keeping your body straight and core engaged, lift yourself onto the ball of your foot and squeeze your muscles for a moment before lowering yourself back down. Repeat the motion on one food before switching to the other and doing the same. Again, weights can be added to up the intensity level here.

Pistol Squats: these are fun and a little more challenging. Sit in a chair with one foot planted on the ground and the other leg lifted straight out. Keeping your hands out to the sides or held in front of you, stand from the chair using only the planted foot and then sit back down. Be sure to keep your back straight and chin lifted. Repeat, then switch to the other foot.

The Routine:

Each set is 7 minutes and we recommend doing two sets for a quick 15-minute workout to start. As you are able, build up to 4 sets for a full 30 min, adding intensity/weights as you gain strength and muscle endurance.

1. Squats: 1 minute of squats

2. Step-Ups: 30 seconds of step-ups / leg totaling 1 minute

3. Lunges: 30 seconds of lunges/ leg totaling 1 minute

Rest 1 minute

4. Calf-Raises: 30 seconds of calf-raises/ leg totaling 1 minute

5. Pistol Squats: 30 seconds of pistol squats/ leg totaling 1 minute

Rest 1 minute before a second set

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