Equipment-Free Beginner Leg Workout Routine - Custom Collagen


Equipment-Free Beginner Leg Workout Routine


Leg day is one of the most dreaded days of any fitness routine. Our legs carry us through the world and, while that makes them very important to strengthen and tone, it also means that the days following leg day are inevitably painful. Climbing the stairs or standing up after sitting at your desk is suddenly much harder when your legs are sore from working out but, unfortunately, the pain means it’s working! If your legs aren’t a little sore after leg day, you’re doing something wrong.

Still, you have to start somewhere and if you’re a beginner when it comes to exercise, you can’t jump right into an hour-long, high-intensity leg day routine. If you’re just starting out, need a low-impact day, or are a little out of practice, this routine is for you. This routine will tone your leg muscles and get them working without being too difficult or complicated. Always remember to stretch before and after the routine and listen to your body if it tells you you’re doing too much – or not enough – during your exercise.

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Wall Sits: okay, these can be painful but they’re so good at working your leg muscles! Stand with your back against the wall and then slide down the wall slightly, bending at the knees and moving your feet out in front of you until it looks like you’re sitting on a chair. Your knees should be at a ninety degree angle with your back flat against the wall

Forward-Step Lunges: stand with your legs together and then step one foot forward, bending at the knee into a ninety degree angle, not letting your back knee touch the ground. You can go as low as is comfortable. Hold that position for a few seconds and then stand back up. Repeat with the other leg. After you have done each leg once you have done one rep.

Classic Squats: You knew these were coming! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight, sink down into a squat as low as you can. Most of your weight should be on your heels. Then stand back up.

Squat Calf Raises: Another squat, but with a twist. Stand with your feet much wider apart than last time with your toes turned outward slightly. Sink into a shallow squat. Keeping your back straight and staying in squat position, raise yourself up on your tip-toes into a calf raise and then lower yourself back down.

High-Knee Toe Taps: We have to put a little cardio in this routine! Stand in front of a chair, the seat facing you. Lift your knee up high and tap the seat of the chair with your toe. Quickly place that foot back down and repeat the motion with the other foot. Continue swapping legs quickly.

Routine: Perform a 30-second Wall Sit, 15 reps of the Forward-Step Lunges, 20 Classic Squats, 20 Squat Calf Raises, and then 45 seconds of High-Knee Toe Taps. Give yourself short breaks (30 seconds-1 minute) between each exercise.

Recommended number of sets: 3