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Can Houseplants Boost Wellness?


For thousands of years, people have been decorating with a wide variety of potted or hanging plants but, like any trend, there have been ebbs and flows in popularity. Ten or so years ago, keeping plants indoors was not as trendy with fewer people investing time and effort into decorating with plants. But all of that has changed; with the rise of succulents in popular culture, internet-inspired décor has gone green and houseplants are now definitely “in.” As it turns out, houseplants have some pretty amazing benefits that will make you want to turn your home into a plant paradise.


Aesthetics are the most obvious draw of houseplants. A plant is a fairly cost-effective way to instantly enhance a space. The plant itself makes any area of the home richer and more vibrant; a succulent in the bathroom or a hanging plant in your bedroom window are small additions that can make a huge difference. Not to mention a big bold palm or fig in a main space. Besides the plant, the choices you make about the pot, hanging basket, or container it lives in can dramatically affect the feel of a room. The decoration options are endless and can make even a sparse space feel lush. But style is not the only reason that houseplants are a good idea. It turns out, they can also be good for you!


Keeping plants in your home actually has some wellness benefits, both mentally and physically. Because plants put out oxygen, having a couple of houseplants can help to improve the air quality and humidity levels in your home without having to pay for expensive humidifiers or air-purifying devices. With fewer toxins in the air, you’ll find you feel healthier and less bogged-down. Decorating with plants also helps achieve the same calm and balance that we search for when we hike or stroll outside. Adding a plant to your room can help to reduce stress and increase productivity just by being there, which is a pretty huge bonus. Add to that the pride and well-being you can feel from nurturing a living thing, and you’ll see why so many people have begun filling their homes with plants.


If you’re looking to add plants to your home for the first time, remember to take things slow. Do your research on what plant will be best for you, or ask your local nursery for guidance for your space! Things like the amount of sunlight a room gets, how much moisture there is (if you’re planning to put a plant in the bathroom, for instance), and how much time and effort you have to devote to a plant will all play into what plants you should choose from. For your first attempt, choose something hardy that won’t die if you forget to water it once. Once you’ve gained some confidence in your green thumb, you’ll be able branch out. Regardless of which plant you choose, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much it improves your space and your mood.