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Bodyweight Training: A Great Work Out for All

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training


All of us are familiar with the basics of bodyweight training (whether we realize it or not). If you’ve ever done pushups, crunches, or lunges, congrats! You’ve practiced bodyweight training! Bodyweight training simply refers to exercising with the body serving as the only equipment, and believe it or not, the options are endless! With no weights or specialized equipment, bodyweight training is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Plus, because of its incredible versatility, it’s also one of the most effective workouts for every fitness level.

The main draw of bodyweight training is probably the ease of access; workouts can be done at home or outdoors without any trouble. Plus, newbies don’t have to learn how to operate any complicated exercise machinery. We love bodyweight training because there are moves you can do to build every major muscle group and plenty of cardio options too (running, burpees, etc.). Because there are so many options, bodyweight training is one of the few exercise categories that can truly give you a full body workout, plus enough variation that you don’t have to do the same workout twice!

So, what are some options for various fitness levels? Speaking in general terms, yoga is a form of bodyweight training. Within yoga, there are classes/practices for every fitness level and workout style. Gentle and restorative yoga is accessible to all, while those even at peak fitness can get their sweat on with a heated power yoga class. Another benefit to bodyweight training and yoga specifically is that using your body as your equipment can help you increase your flexibility and balance, which is great both for fitness and injury prevention.

A simple Google or Youtube search will also bring up at home bodyweight workouts for any applicable fitness level. Many of the most well known at home workout programs actually incorporate bodyweight training! Programs like Tone It Up, P90x, Beachbody, Kayla Itsines’s BBG, Obe Fitness, and many more incorporate or even fully focus on bodyweight training!

Do you personally work better in the gym/group environment? Some gyms even offer bodyweight classes! Bodyweight classes provide a group setting to be led through exercises that improved range of motion, body awareness and balance, and overall fitness capacity. For those more at a beginner level, these workouts keep you mindful of form with the aim of increased mobility and stability. For those more advanced and confident in their movements, bodyweight classes focus on building strength and conditioning. Even the most elite athlete can be humbled by their own bodyweight!

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