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2019 Fitness Watch: The Year of Shorter Workouts


2019 is fast approaching and with the New Year comes New-Year resolutions of staying in shape. But gym sessions might look a little bit different in 2019. Exercise, like every other part of life, has trends and every year those trends change. Along with the continued rise of HIIT workouts, there is one big trend we're expecting in 2019: shorter workouts.

While this doesn't sound like a revolutionary change, it could have wide-reaching effects in the fitness world. Not only will the average gym goer begin spending shorter bursts in the gym, workout classes and training sessions will also be getting a little shorter. A lot of gyms are moving to 1/2 hour workout classes rather than the full-hour classes that have been the norm. This means you can slip an exercise class into your day with a bit more ease.

This trend really isn't surprising considering that life is getting more and more full. It seems like everyone has so much on their plate; with work, family, cooking, sleeping, homework, hobbies, friends, and entertainment to squeeze into your day, it's nearly impossible to find time to work out.  So it makes sense that so many of us are opting for shorter sessions. Now we just have to find ways to burn the same amount of calories in that shorter time period. This could be part of the reason that HIIT workouts are gaining popularity at the same time. With HIIT workouts and other more intense exercises, shorter workouts can be just as effective.