Winter Skin Protection with Collagen - Custom Collagen


Winter Skin Protection with Collagen

Winter’s Effect on Skin

Leaves are falling, pumpkins have popped up in our grocery stores and our coffee cups, and seasonal allergies are officially raging; fall is surely upon us, and that means winter is not  far behind. Unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere with mild winters, the cold season’s fast approach means it is time to winterize. Your home isn’t the only thing that needs preparation! Winter’s cold, dry air and all of the itchy warm layers you use to ward it off can have some pretty chilling effects on your skin.

Winter air’s lack of humidity causes your skin’s moisture to evaporate more quickly than usual which leaves hands, faces, and lips dry, chapped, and cracked. Our skin often becomes dehydrated and turns flaky in dry weather. If your body is not able to keep up with producing new, healthy skin layers, you will be stuck feeling dry and damaged until spring.

Add Beauty collagen to your routine

Thankfully, Beauty Collagen can help. Adding collagen to your diet replenishes your body’s natural collagen production, which slows as we age resulting in dry, brittle skin. Beauty Collagen also helps to keep your skin taught and hydrated. By retaining your skin’s moisture throughout the colder months, Beauty Tonic can prevent this winter from leaving lasting effects such as fine lines, loss of elasticity, discoloration, and acne on your skin. By keeping up a Beauty Tonic regimen and staying hydrated, you can make sure your skin is just as beautiful while you make snow angels as it was when you were still making sand castles. We recommend mixing Beauty Collagen into your preferred warm drink. Whether it’s warm cider, peppermint tea, or hot chocolate, Beauty Collagen will make your favorite winter drink as good for your skin as it is for your soul.