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Will Taking Collagen Help Me Lose Weight?

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Collagen For Weight Loss

Collagen has many amazing properties such as skincare, muscle, joint, and overall better bodily function benefits. What most people do not know is that collagen can also help you lose weight! You might be thinking to yourself what’s the catch? Gym and Tonic Collagen Protein is a powerhouse natural supplement that acts as a full body enhancer. Not only does it boost natural body functions that are powered by regular collagen production, but it supplements and helps repair body parts that need an extra boost. Back to that catch, there really isn’t one! Collagen protein helps build and maintain muscle mass which helps burn more fat. As we age, we steadily lose collagen, but we also lose muscle mass. By taking collagen you can keep common aging symptoms away, and one of those symptoms is weight gain. As we age it becomes harder and harder to burn fat. According to MedlinePlus, at age 30 we lose lean tissue. At 30 years old, we also lose a noticeable amount of collagen and this affects our muscles, joints, and tissues. When we lose lean muscle, it directly corresponds to how much fat is burned in your body. Even if you are in your mid-twenties, your collagen supply start to diminish; often causing us to pack on a few more pounds. By taking Gym and Tonic regularly you can keep your body looking young, lean, and functioning healthily. Collagen is a great way to cleanse toxins, increase muscle definition, and help supply your body with the correct amount needed. If you are active and choose to hit the gym regularly, Gym and Tonic can replace unhealthy protein supplements and trade high calorie/sugar/carbs for minimal calories, no carbs and no sugar. It will boost muscle definition, flexibility, joint and muscle repair, and increase endurance. It contains 18 amino acids that work together to increase bodily functions that have wear and tear from workouts. You will gain muscle and shed fat through regular collagen consumption. If you are more sedimentary it will still support regular functions and you will still notice a big difference within and outside your body. Research shows that collagen provides fullness, suppresses appetite, retains muscle mass, and smooths cellulite appearance. Food cravings can be suppressed and are often the number one cause of weight gain. Those who don’t move around as much are more likely to gain weight from poor food consumption choices. By taking Gym and Tonic Collagen Protein you can worry less about when hunger will strike, and feel more secure about the food you are eating. Gym and Tonic is easy to mix into any meal of the day! You can take 1-2 scoops and add them to quick breakfast meals such as yogurt, smoothies, or protein shakes. Lunch is just as simple with meals like soup, or mac ‘n cheese. Dinner is probably the most versatile meal and you can get very creative on meal creations to add collagen. Remember that your body needs nourishment, and that is it never too early or too late to start losing weight!