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Will Collagen Interrupt my Low-Cal Diet?

Low calorie diet

The Low-Cal Diet

Low calorie diets are some of the most popular diets out there. So much so that some smart phones come pre-loaded with an app to help you keep track of your daily calorie intake, logging every meal and every snack to ensure you stay on track and lose or maintain weight, depending on your goal. While on a low-cal diet, you have to think carefully about every food choice you made from what size portion to have to what salad dressing to use, so it makes sense to worry about whether a new addition to your lifestyle could derail your diet.


The good news is that Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen is very low in calories. One scoop of Traditional Tonic only contains 19 calories so you don’t have to worry about it breaking your diet. Even better, Tonic collagen powder is highly soluble and flavorless so you can take it by stirring it into water or your other favorite no-calorie beverages and you’ll never even notice. Or, simply mix Tonic collagen powders into any of your favorite low-calorie recipes with liquid in them and you only have to add a few calories to the meal’s count. Our proteins contain no fat or carbs, either, so they truly are a guilt-free way to support your hair, nails, skin, muscles, and joints. If you work out and you need a bit of extra protein and you can stand a few more calories, choose Gym and Tonic. Two scoops of Gym and Tonic only packs 80 calories but also provides 20 grams of protein for you to burn as you get in shape. Want to pay extra attention to your internal health without the added protein? Try our Beauty Collagen. Each stick pack contains only 20 calories and will still keep your body running smoothly. All of our collagen products are great ways to take care of your body without breaking your low-calorie diet.