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Will Collagen Help with Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks: most of us have them and none of us want them. These slightly-raised scars form along our skin when we grow or gain weight quickly so most of us have our first stretch marks not long after puberty hits and we experience growth spurts. They also appear during pregnancy and many other body changes. These marks are completely natural and, in many ways, are a map of our growth, but society is not fond of stretch marks. Celebrities frequently get caught photo shopping pictures to remove their stretch marks and topical creams line the shelves to help us fade our existing marks and avoid future ones.

Stretch marks form when your skin is stretched too much and too quickly for its elasticity to keep up with so, what it comes down to, is collagen. Our bodies naturally produce collagen and this protein gives our skin its elasticity and hydration. But, as we age, our collagen production begins to slow down and, as a result, we see more stretch marks form more easily as we grow older. A collagen supplement can help your skin stay elastic; Beauty Tonic contains collagen types I and III, the two types most used by your body to maintain your skin. By replenishing your body’s collagen, you can help your skin stay taught enough to ward off stretch marks and it may even help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. Just mix Beauty Tonic into your daily coffee or water and let it help your skin repair itself!