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Why You Need to Try Rock Climbing


I remember the one time I tried rock climbing as a child; I walked into a huge sporting goods store and saw that they had a rock wall you could pay to try out. I was so excited to try to climb it! I got suited up, walked to the wall, and realized it was much taller than I had first realized. About four feet off the ground I completely froze, panicked, and gave up. But I have always wished I could try again because rock climbing just seems so cool! Well, rock climbing is officially taking the fitness world by storm and, guess what, it is so cool! We all need to try rock climbing this year if we’re looking for a challenge, a body transformation, or to be surrounded by good people.

The first obvious benefit of rock climbing as a fitness routine is that it is a lot less boring than going to the gym. Rock climbing isn’t necessarily easy, though there will be people to show you the ropes, no pun intended. Still, rock climbing is a challenge for both body and mind because you have to work to figure out which handholds and moves will get you through each new route you try. The thrill of being off the ground and searching for your next move also produces way more adrenaline than using an elliptical at the gym. If you’re looking to exercise your mind and your body, rock climbing might be the sport for you.

Of course, rock climbing will also change your body in exciting ways. Pulling yourself up a rock wall or cliff requires a tremendous amount of upper-body strength which means your arms, shoulders, and back are going to gain a lot more muscle. But the rest of your body is also part of the show as you push with your legs, twist for new footholds, and work to stay steady. Rock climbing is a really excellent way to lean out and tone up from your arms to torso to legs. If you commit to rock climbing and lead a healthy lifestyle, you could see an impressive body transformation.

One of the best things about trying out rock climbing that you might not think of is all of the amazing people you’ll meet. Unlike many solo fitness activities, rock climbing gyms form tight-knit communities of people who love the sport and love to help each other reach new heights, both literally and figuratively. In rock climbing, you need someone to act as a belayer who holds your rope and feeds it out or takes it in, depending on what you need. The relationship between climber and belayer requires communication and trust which explains why climbing communities are so strong. If you’re looking for a fitness routine that comes with supportive strangers that will quickly become new friends, this really might be the sport for you.

As always, you will want to get the very most out of your fitness routine and, especially when it comes to a sport as challenging as this one, that means giving your body what it needs. Gym & Tonic is a great supplement for rock climbers. Gym & Tonic is a collagen and protein supplement that contains 18 amino acids to help your body heal and build the muscles you need to get through your routes. Simply mix Gym & Tonic into your pre-workout drink of choice and you’re good to go!