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Why we Love Spicy Food

We are in the era of spicy food! From hot curries to extra hot wing challenges, spicy foods are a huge part of our culture. Whether you carry hot sauce in your purse or shy away from any dish that contains peppers, the spicy food craze in America is fascinating. But what does spicy food mean for your health? Should you be doing the ghost pepper challenge or should you swear off spice for good?

Of course, the answer lies somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. The capsaicin in spicy foods (which makes them hot) produces reactions in your mouth, skin, and brain. Eating spicy food can produce adrenaline reactions which make the food seem exciting, which is probably why so many spicy challenges are popping up in local restaurants and in viral videos. On top of the excitement, it’s possible that by raising your heart rate and blood pressure, spice could help boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Spicy foods could also help out if you have a cold or other nasal congestion because the sinus-clearing properties are no joke!

On the other hand, it’s best to practice a little bit of moderation as with anything in life. If you’re prone to heartburn, spicy foods can aggravate that condition and there are some negative reactions anyone could experience. Especially if you haven’t grown up in a culture that regularly consumes high levels of spice, spicy food challenges could be very painful and bordering on dangerous. Capsaicin can cause pain and burning to your skin and mouth and the pain can last for longer than a minute or two if what you’re eating is very high in spice. Also avoid spicy foods if you have any open wounds in your mouth or stomach ulcers.

Overall, there has been surprisingly little scientific inquiry into just how good or bad for us spicy foods might be but humans have been consuming spice for thousands of years. From salsa to chili to Bloody Marys, we say celebrate your love of spicy food! And remember to mix Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen into your favorite spicy recipes so that you can treat your skin to some regenerative proteins after you’re done burning your lips.