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Why Collagen is a College Essential

Whether it’s your first year or you’re mere months from graduating, college is a crazy mix of great experiences and intense stress. From adjusting to dorm life to dealing with midterms, college is a time of transition and constant change. All of that can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Now, we’re not talking about the legend of the freshman 15. While weight gain could happen in college, the stress of a new lifestyle can affect your skin and hair more than you might imagine and that makes Beauty Tonic an essential college companion.

Acne is definitely a time of stress for most as you strive to reach your goals, become your own person, and fulfill expectations of you. But stress can have a negative impact on your appearance as well as your well-being; stress can cause acne, dull skin, and dark circles as well as increased hair fallout. On top of that, if you’re living away from home for the first time you might be adjusting to new water in the dorms or your apartment that is harder or softer than what you’re used to. Harder water can dry out your hair or skin in a very short time frame. You also might purchase new skin and hair products for college that don’t end up agreeing with your hair or skin leading to more dryness or even acne breakouts.

All in all, your outer self might need a little extra help to get through college feeling flawless and Beauty Tonic can offer that help. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement specifically designed to support your hair, skin, and nails to make them stronger and more beautiful. Around our mid-twenties, just as we’re adjusting to new life circumstances, our bodies slow their production of collagen, the protein keeps us from getting wrinkles and protects our hair from thinning. Providing your body with a little extra is a great way to keep yourself looking and feeling young. Beauty Tonic can help your body fight off acne and stop skin from getting dull while also helping both hair and skin to retain moisture and keep from drying out. Plus, Beauty Tonic comes in individual serving sticks that are super convenient for dorm life. Don’t let college stress keep you from being your most beautiful self.