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Why Clay Masks and Collagen are the Perfect Pair


The popularity of face masks has been steadily rising in recent years. Face masks are an easy way to pay extra attention to your skin care at home without breaking the bank. They can be a great way to get a little “me time” or spend time with a close friend while improving your skin at the same time. While they’ve always been around, the current popularity of face masks has caused the options to become much broader, from sheet masks to peel-off masks and more. But one mask type is both a classic and a current favorite: the clay face mask. Clay face masks are easy to apply, easy to wash off, and have great benefits for your skin. Plus, they’re the perfect pairing with a Beauty Tonic collagen regimen.

Clay face masks are great for oily or acne-prone skin because the clay can pull extra oil and sebum out of your pores. Without excess oil and sebum, your skin is less likely to break out. The clay also draws impurities out of your skin, leaving you with clean, pure skin that is much healthier than before. These benefits pair perfectly with Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement that supports healthy skin. While clay masks can help control acne from the outside, Beauty Tonic works from the inside, helping your body to block stress hormones that could cause acne and allowing your skin to regenerate more quickly and easily, helping to heal acne spots.

In addition, both clay masks and collagen work to tighten and tone your skin. Clay leaves your skin tighter and fresher by unclogging and shrinking your pores. Beauty Tonic then provides your skin with the collagen it needs to remain supple and elastic, reducing wrinkles and making your skin look more youthful. Together, these two skin-boosting ingredients can lead to flawless skin that you’ll be thrilled to show off!