Where Does Collagen Come From? - Custom Collagen


Where Does Collagen Come From?


Collagen is found naturally in many different animals. The most common animals used commercially are cows, pigs and fish. The collagen is cooked out of the cattle hides, cattle bones, pig skins, fish scales, fish skin, or fish bones. We chose to use collagen derived from cattle hide and/or bone in our products, since we found these to be the most clean and versatile options available. Once the collagen is extracted from the animal, it is dried and turned into a powder.

Depending on the source of the animal, the powder will have varying characteristics. We have found that pork collagen is not desirable because of the way a pig's diet affects their body and, therefore, affects the collagen powder. Fish collagen powder often has a strong taste and odor. Collagen powder that is made from cattle is perfect for dietary supplements because is has mild to no taste and odor and the cow's diet does not significantly affect the final product. We have found that cows raised on pastures in New Zealand, India, Brazil, and Argentina produce the best test results as they are grass fed in these countries.