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What you Need to Know about Parabens


The health and beauty communities are abuzz about parabens but it all boils down to this: what are they and do you need to avoid them? Parabens are chemical preservatives that are common in food, medicine, and cosmetics. From foundation to eyeshadow to concealer, most of the cosmetic you come across have parabens in them to give them a longer shelf life. However, some health professionals are concerned that parabens might not be safe for long-term use.

Some studies done by scientists and medical professionals have shown warning signs that parabens may eventually cause harm to humans. One UC Berkley study, for example, suggested that parabens might be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. These studies say that parabens have the ability to cause changes to hormone levels in the body, including estrogen, which then can cause health issues from mild issues such as acne to high-risk diseases like cancer.

On the other hand, the FDA and the CDC both insist that there has not been any concrete evidence that parabens are directly related to harmful effects in humans. Both organizations say that they believe there is no reason to strengthen control over parabens and that humans should feel safe using cosmetics and other products that contain parabens.

Still, many cosmetics companies are recognizing that they don’t want to take the risk and many cosmetics are now being produced free of parabens. When it comes down to it, it seems like a good idea to limit your exposure to man-made chemicals and so if you find a good cosmetic product that is also free of parabens, why not use it?

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