Tonic Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - Custom Collagen


Tonic Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Shopping for the friends and family on your holiday list can be a bit of a pain. As much as we love giving, finding the right gift can make the holiday season stressful. But shopping for your favorite people doesn’t have to be a chore! Instead of fighting with the crowds at malls and supercenters, let Tonic be your one-stop shop for everyone on your list. Here’s our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to help you choose the perfect Tonic gift.

Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen: Traditional Tonic is the perfect gift because everyone can use it. With wide-ranging health benefits from protected joints to digestive health, giving Traditional Tonic says that you care about your loved one’s well-being.

Beauty Tonic: For the beauty-minded folks on your list, Beauty Tonic is the perfect gift. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement specifically targeted at supporting beautiful hair, skin, and nails. Plus, it comes portioned out in single-use packets that are easy to toss in a purse or makeup bag, perfect for on-the-go types. This one is a great stocking-stuffer.

Gym & Tonic: If you have any active people or gym goers to buy for, Gym & Tonic has you covered. Gym & Tonic is a high-protein, low-calorie collagen supplement that provides fuel for your exercise without having to take whey or other protein supplements. Gym & Tonic is a natural option for workout energy that your active friends and family will love.

Tonic Water Bottle: Another Tonic product that will work for anyone on your list is our water bottle. With a sleek design, lightweight stainless steel construction, and 27-ounces of water capacity, the Tonic water bottle is great for staying hydrated at work, during an exercise session, or on an adventure. Everyone should make drinking more water their New Year resolution!

Tonic Cork Yoga Mat: For the yogi in your life, pick up our cork yoga mat. Cork is the perfect sustainable material that is free of harmful chemicals and environmentally friendly. Whether hot yoga, goat yoga, or your standard yoga class, this mat is stylish and slip-resistant. Your yoga-loving loved-ones will love you for gifting them this mat.