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Three Unique Date Ideas for the Perfect Summer Romance


Any season is a good season for romance but, sometimes, the cold weather of winter can put us in a slump in lots of areas of our lives. If your relationship is starting to feel routine or if you’re looking to start a brand new romance, summer is the perfect time to try out inventive date ideas. We’ve put together a list of three crazy-cool dates you should try this summer. All of them involve creativity and the outdoors as they should. The best thing about these date ideas? If you’re single, these are still great ideas to try out solo or with a friend for a fun summer day.

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  1. Have a wine and art night outside at home. We know that wine and painting classes are all the rage but there’s no reason you have to pay for class entrance fees and sit in an environment that makes it harder to talk to your date. Instead, buy some canvases, paint, and brushes, chill your beverage of choice, and sit on your porch with your date painting whatever you want! You don’t have to be an artist, either. If you have a good sense of humor, challenge your date to paint portraits of each other; they’ll probably be horrible but it will also be hilarious.
  2. Pick berries together at a local u-pick farm and bake something with them. Summer is the season of u-pick berries where you walk amongst the growing berries and pick your own, similar to u-pick apple picking in the fall! U-pick is a great way to stroll and chat with a purpose but the best part comes when you take the berries home and make something with them together. The recipe doesn’t have to be complicated if you’re worried about kitchen skills; you can easily macerate berries and put them over store-bought angel food cake with some ice cream for a great summer treat. If you’re brave, go all out with a pie or other baked dessert! You’ll be able to see how well you and your date work together and you’ll get a sweet treat for your efforts.
  3. Get up early and go on a sunrise picnic. Picnics are classic summer dates but the afternoon sun is often just too hot to sit outside and the bugs in the early evening can be annoying. Try something new by packing up a breakfast picnic and going to a scenic spot to watch the sun come up. Basket ideas include a thermos of coffee, some orange juice, fresh fruit, and pastries like scones or croissants. Waking up early might be tough but you’ll be rewarded with the gorgeous colors of sunrise and the great early-morning conversation that happens when it feels like the rest of the world is still asleep. To add some creativity, bring along your cameras and take imaginative shots of the sunrise together. Just remember to live in the moment.