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The Three Things Your Sunscreen Label must Say this Summer


As unbelievable as this sounds to those of us living in the Midwest or other chilly regions, summer is coming! Pretty soon, the sun will be out more often, temperatures will climb, and people will be flooding out of their homes and into the sunshine. While the sun provides vitamin D and can boost your mood, we also know that it can wreak havoc on our skin if we don’t protect ourselves. That’s where sunscreen comes in, but how do we know which sunscreen to choose? According to the American Cancer Society, there are three things you should see on your sunscreen’s label before you buy it.

  1. “Broad Spectrum” protection: some sunscreens only protect against some of the sun’s rays and let other harmful rays penetrate and damage your skin. If you see “broad spectrum” on the label, it means that the sunscreen you’re choosing protects against more of the sun’s rays, including UVA and UVB rays and your skin is less likely to burn or suffer invisible damage.
  2. Water Resistant: while no sunscreen is water-proof, some are designed to stick to your skin a little longer when sweating or swimming. Sunscreen that isn’t water resistant wears off way too fast to make sure your label has this key term. Still, it will wear off after about an hour and a half, usually, so make sure you reapply often!
  3. SPF 30 or Higher: of course we have to talk about the sun protection level of your sunscreen! While the shelves are loaded with 80 or 90 SPF products and more is always better than less, most experts say that as long as your sunscreen’s SPF is over 30, you’re safe (again, that’s if you apply it correctly and reapply often).

No one is perfect so, naturally, there are going to be times when our sun protection falls by the wayside. Whether we forget our sunscreen at home or don’t reapply it as often as we should, we all suffer sunburns at some point and those rays can have lasting effects. Make sure your skin is as strong as it can be this summer with a Beauty Tonic collagen regimen. While Beauty Tonic can’t protect against skin cancer, collagen can help your skin bounce back from sun damage when it comes to fine lines and even dark marks. With Beauty Tonic and proper sun protection, your skin can stay as beautiful as ever while you get your fill of summer sun.