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The Kombucha Craze; What you Need to Know


Kombucha generally refers to tea that has been fermented with bacteria and yeast. Lately, the health world and millennial community has been in a craze surrounding kombucha, claiming that it is good for the human body. Flavored kombucha drinks have become health store staples with claims that the drink can help with everything from diabetes to cancer. So, how much of the hype is real and what do you really need to know about kombucha?

According to Mayo Clinic, much of the fad surrounding kombucha is probably a little overly optimistic but there are a few benefits. Although claims that drinking kombucha could help you avoid cancer are probably untrue, kombucha does work as a valuable probiotic. Probiotics like kombucha help regulate the digestive system which can help with digestive issues as well as inflammation. Kombucha might also aid your immune system. Aside from that, however, it is probably not a cure-all.

There could also be some draw-backs to kombucha. Kombucha has caused some people to experience allergic reactions or digestive problems. On top of that, it is probably best to purchase pre-made kombucha drinks rather than making them at home because fermenting the tea yourself could lead to some bacterial problems if the process isn’t done properly. The taste of kombucha drinks also puts some people off.

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