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The Benefits of Swimming and How to Start

Summer time has me thinking about all of the alternatives to gym exercise or running; while working out in the gym is great, there are other ways to stay fit that are fun and have major benefits. Swimming is one example of a seriously underrated alternative exercise. Swimming is low impact but still an amazing cardio exercise but it’s one we often don’t think of or hear much about. What are the benefits of swimming and how can you get started?

Swimming can be an exercise that breaks down barriers for those who have trouble exercising on dry land. If you suffer from pain in your joints or a troublesome back or knees, swimming could be the best choice for you. The low-impact effect of being under water lifts the weight from your joints and lets you move more freely. Swimming can be great for those with arthritis or those for whom weight makes it difficult to get exercises started.

On top of being low-impact, swimming is amazing for your body. Swimming can lower blood pressure and increase cardiovascular health which can reduce your risk for heart disease which is a huge benefit. But don’t let all of that make you think it isn’t a tough workout; swimming engages more muscles at the same time than other cardio exercises which means it can help you tone up both your upper and lower body all at once. And, of course, swimming can help you lose weight. Plus, it’s fun!

So how can you get started? Swimming, like any other form of exercise, should be slowly worked into your exercise routine. Begin by swimming for just 30 minutes a few times a week and don’t push yourself too hard. Then, when you feel confident, begin slowly increasing the time and intensity of your swim. But remember that there are major risks involved with swimming. If you’re not a strong swimmer or aren’t comfortable in the water, start by getting an instructor or trainer who can help you learn how to swim safely and confidently.

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