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The Avocado Craze and Collagen


If there’s one food that has seen a huge jump in popularity and pervasiveness, it’s the avocado. Avocados are everywhere, from our morning toast to the pattern on clothing, accessories, and school supplies. In fact, avocados are so popular with the young crowd that they are considered one of the main millennial food frenzies. They are so hot that an all-avocado bar opened in Brooklyn serving up avocado smoothies, toasts, salads, etc. to a trendy avocado-loving crowd. But why are avocados so popular?

Avocados are technically a fruit, though their buttery taste and texture are not at all fruity, grown in warm climates. Their taste and versatility are part of what makes them so popular, as they can be added to pastas, smoothies, sauces, sandwiches, and even baked goods and make everything richer. But avocados are also popular because of their nutrition.

Although they are high in fats, avocados contain lots of the “good fats” we hear so much about, rich in omega 3s that can help with cholesterol and heart heath. They are also reasonably low in calories and sugars while having lots of good protein that you won’t find in other fruits. Plus, avocados contain fiber, potassium, iron, and several vitamins your body needs. Overall, unless you are on a very restrictive low-fat diet, avocados are extremely healthy and nutritious so it makes sense that they are becoming more and more popular. Having an avocado-based restaurant is a lot healthier than plenty of other foods we could pick!

Avocado and Collagen

The health benefits in avocados pair well with the health benefits of a collagen supplement like Traditional Tonic Nourishing collagen. Traditional Tonic contains 18 amino acids that will help keep your gut and joints healthy while avocado’s omega 3s keep your heart and cholesterol in check. Collagen’s restorative benefits for hair, skin, nails, and brain are also boosted by the healthy fats and fiber of an avocado. Combining these two health super-powers creates a powerful whole-body support system and both are versatile enough to put in hundreds of recipes together so that getting your avocado fix and your collagen fill is easy and delicious.