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Supplementing Strength with Collagen Protein

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Hitting the Gym

Any time you head to the gym for a workout, are you thinking about the strain you are putting on your body? Most of the time we only think about the possible muscle gain, fat burn, and calories erased while working up a sweat. When you are weightlifting, doing free weights, or even using machines your muscles are working hard. Although they do get stronger over time with a dedicated gym routine, they are being exposed more often to wear and tear.

Collagen Protein for Muscles

This is where collagen protein comes in. If you listen closely to your body you will know that you need to eat the correct food to maintain muscle gain and fat loss, but you will also need to add protein to your diet. Our collagen protein Gym and Tonic is designed to give you the extra protein you need. Recovery is essential to building a strong body that is less prone to strains or even injury. Adding our collagen protein supplement will help improve muscle recovery, muscle definition, and overall endurance when taken consistently. Gym and Tonic is a great product that boasts:
  • 18 essential Amino Acids
  • 20g Protein per scoop at 40 calories
  • 0 Carbohydrates
  • 0 Sugar

Additional Benefits

There are also additional benefits in this collagen. Amino acids play a big part in muscle function, and they are essential to maintaining a sound muscle structure that will aid your body through the toughest workouts. Specific amino acids work in different ways, but some of the main benefits are: building protein, brain stimulation, lowering cholesterol, alleviate anxiety, promote better sleep, decrease wound healing time, cell division, aiding memory, and many more benefits that account for a healthy body. These benefits will ensure that your body is running at optimal strength when you need it most. Click here to learn more about Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein.