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Spring Health: Seasonal Produce and Supplements



It is once again time to change up your health routine to include the best seasonal produce! And while changing up your routine can be a bit of work, spring has some of the best in-season produce of the year and I promise that incorporating this good stuff into your diet will make you a very happy person. Produce that is in season tends to be fresher, less modified, and have more nutrients than buying out-of-season produce and your body will thank you for making the effort to stick to the best food you can get this spring.

There are lots of great veggies that come into season in the spring including asparagus, zucchini, and artichokes! Asparagus and zucchini are both some of my favorite side-dish veggies because they are so good baked, grilled, or sautéed. Plus, all three of these green veggies are amazing in pastas and steamed artichoke leaves dipped in warm butter is a great snack or appetizer for spring get-togethers.

All of the best leafy greens come into season in the spring, too. Lettuce and cabbage are in season but so are spinach and arugula. These open up great options for salads, of course! But spinach and arugula are also great in pasta and on pizza (trust me and try putting fresh grape tomatoes and arugula on your margarita pizza).

Some of the sweet stuff is also in season in spring. Spring is the best time for strawberries which means great salads, smoothies, and healthy snacks. Seriously, I would eat strawberries every day in the spring if I could! Apricots and grapefruits are also spring fruits; grapefruits are great for weight loss and vitamin control and apricots can help you change up your breakfast and dessert routines in truly delicious ways.

As winter ends and the sun comes out more often, you should get more vitamin D naturally but most people suffer from vitamin deficiencies all year without even realizing it. Support your body beyond feeding it the freshest produce by taking a multivitamin and starting a Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen supplement regimen.

Traditional Tonic will help your body make the most of the vitamins and nutrients in this season’s produce by supporting your body’s natural healthy processes from your digestive system to your brain function. Plus, Traditional Tonic is great for joint health which means you will have an easier time taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather. Have a great spring and start the warmer months off right by giving your body everything it needs to be healthy and happy.