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Spring Cleaning Tips to Reclaim your Bathroom Space


Truth time: my bathroom is a cluttered mess. My counters are strewn with makeup and hair care products, my drawers are a jumbled confusion of hair ties, and there are bobby pins basically everywhere. Having a cluttered bathroom can make it more difficult to get ready in the morning and it’s just generally not productive. But summer seems like the perfect time to organize, simplify, and reclaim my bathroom space! If you’re in need of a good cleaning session like I am, here are some helpful tips to reduce the chaos and regain control over your bathroom.

Clever organization hacks are a fun, easy way to make your bathroom more livable. Start by gathering up all of the loose bobby pins and hair ties hanging around your living space. For bobby pins, clean out a breath mints container; they’re the perfect size. Just remember to keep the container available when you’re taking your hair down so the pins don’t end up thrown in drawers again. For hair ties, wrapping them around the handle of your brush can keep them organized and on hand when you need them.

You can also make your bathroom drawers and cabinets a little less chaotic with dividers. Use small trays, baskets, or dividing plastic to make designated spaces for different tools and product types so that they stop blending together constantly. It will be so much easier to find what you need if it has a very specific space to belong to.

Of course, all of the organization won’t help much if you just have too many things in your space. Try culling your makeup and personal product collection to simplify. I get several bottles of scented lotions every birthday and holiday from several different people and, while I love the gesture and being able to try out new scents, receiving so many means that lotion has taken over my life and some of them are years old and never opened. First on my cleaning list is going through those lotions and choosing the two or three that I like best. The rest will need to be given away or tossed.

Reducing the number of products you have can be difficult since we use so many products every day to look our best. One way to reduce the mess can be to find the right products for you that can replace two or three of the products you’re using now. For example, an unscented moisturizer that contains SPF can be used on face and body and replace two or three other products.

Another way to reduce your store of skin care products is to start with better, more flawless skin. Beauty Tonic is what you need for that. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that is specifically designed to support your body’s production of healthy, youthful skin. Beauty Tonic can even help with acne and wrinkles which can mean the opportunity to throw out some of the anti-wrinkle or anti-acne products in your vanity. Having skin you’re proud of can help make culling your makeup collection much easier because you simply won’t need as many things to make you look and feel great.