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Soft Feet with Collagen



When we’re young, our skin is usually soft literally from head to toe. After all, there’s a reason the phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom” exists, and our skin stays soft often long into childhood. Unfortunately, we eventually age out of soft skin. As we begin to work and play in different ways, our skin is exposed to the elements and it becomes rougher and dryer. The increase in our rough or dry skin as we age has a lot to do with the decline in our body’s production of collagen; collagen keeps our skin moist, elastic, and wrinkle-free and, when our body doesn’t have enough, our skin’s quality declines. However, in some cases, our skin also forms calluses and a popular place to see the result of this is on our feet.

If you were the kind of kid who liked to run around outside barefoot, it’s likely that your feet are no longer as soft as they once were. Of course, shoes can also form calluses and dry our feet so by the time we hit our twenties, many of us find that the skin on our heels and even toes is dry, cracked, and tough. If you have this problem, you know it can be difficult to correct; that callused skin is so tough that moisturizing it in traditional ways doesn’t do much to penetrate it.

There are some ways to soften the callused skin of your feet. Popular methods include soaking your feet in warm water and then moisturizing, attempting to remove the calluses with various implements, and wearing socks filled with lotion to bed. There are even foot peels available to help your skin slough off that dead, tough skin. These methods are helpful and many find they improve the appearance of their skin, but it’s hard to keep up with these when the tough skin simply re-forms over time.

This is where collagen comes in. As I mentioned earlier, our dry, wrinkled skin tends to develop more quickly once our body’s production of collagen slows down (this usually occurs in your mid-twenties). Lack of collagen can cause the skin to dry out, sag, and lose its natural glow. Beauty Tonic, an all-natural collagen supplement, can help. Beauty Tonic contains collagen types I and III, the types your body uses most to support and regenerate your healthy skin. When your body doesn’t produce enough on your own, Beauty Tonic can replenish your collagen levels. This will help your skin retain moisture, which means that the hard skin on your feet should re-form much more slowly, allowing your various treatment methods to actually work. With Beauty Tonic and a little care and attention, you can get your smooth, beautiful feet back.