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Reversing the Effects of Sun Damage with Collagen

We all know by now that, as much as we love the sun, the sun doesn’t really love us. As good as a nice tan can look after a vacation or day at the pool, UV rays from the sun can damage your hair, your eyes, and your skin and can even cause melanoma. In fact, according to Web-MD, sun damage accounts for most of the wrinkles and discoloration that develops on our faces as we age.

The reason sun speeds up the aging process is because the UV rays break down elastin and collagen, which causes the skin to sag and wrinkles to form. Starting in our mid-twenties, our bodies naturally begin producing less collagen, which causes our skin to lose its elasticity and, eventually, wrinkles form. However, this decline would happen much more slowly if not for the effects of sun exposure.

Avoiding the sun altogether is pretty impossible and definitely not a reasonable solution to skin aging. Better solutions include sun protection and collagen supplements. When going outside, even if it doesn’t seem sunny, it’s best to use skin products with SPF protection and to keep as much skin covered as possible. Still, you’re going to spend some time in the sun and the damage will inevitably follow. Beauty Tonic can help.

A natural collagen supplement, Beauty Tonic contains collagen types I and III, which are the types your skin needs most. While a collagen supplement can’t mitigate the more dangerous facets of UV rays, with a consistent routine of Beauty Tonic, your body can support your skin’s moisture and elasticity, preventing wrinkles as well as softening the appearance of fine lines that may already have formed. Since collagen is destroyed by UV rays, replacing that collagen with Beauty Tonic is your best bet at preventing the aesthetic effects of sun damage.