Reduce Hair Loss with Collagen - Custom Collagen


Reduce Hair Loss with Collagen

Our luscious locks are a big part of our identity. They allow us to be creative and express ourselves in many different ways. When our hair starts to get thinner, break, and eventually fall out, we often start searching for the cause. More often than not, it’s because we aren’t getting enough collagen!

Collagen's Role for Your Hair

As we age, it is natural to lose up to 1% of collagen production each year. This does add up, and can be accelerated by diseases, stress, and other factors. Collagen production is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and assist with your body’s natural processes. When going through a stressful or traumatic situation, collagen production can be influenced. This is why more people are turning to Beauty Collagen to help support natural hair growth. A common joke is “you’re making my hair fall out”, but it’s true! We commonly lose 50-100 hairs per day, but this can be accelerated by poor diet choices, genetics, stressful situations, and even an illness.

Beauty Collagen for Hair

It can be hard for some people to determine the underlying cause of hair loss, but by taking collagen you can help your hair grow faster and stronger. It also keeps hair healthy to get the length you desire. When you do not have enough collagen, the root of your hair is not strong enough to promote healthy or quick growth. Do you have a friend whose hair just grows, and grows? It is likely that their collagen levels are at a healthy level, or they take Beauty Tonic to restore any damage before it shows. So if you’re worried about your hair and your future, don’t be. Collagen is holistic and very easy to add to your diet. Beauty Collagen comes in easy to use packets, so there is no reason not to be confident in yourself.