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Kickboxing, Cardio and Collagen - Mix Up Your Workout Routine

Woman kickboxing

Kickboxing and Cardio

Kickboxing is a great exercise for cardio and muscle toning. Based on martial arts and self-defense, kickboxing can work out your whole body in a short session and burn calories with ease. Variety is key in exercise so trying out a new type of workout is always a great idea. Let’s take a look at the benefits of kickboxing and things to keep in mind if you decide to add it to your exercise play book. Kickboxing is a great cardio workout which means that it raises your heart rate and helps you burn calories and fat. Most kickboxing routines are fast-paced and will get you sweating in no time. Cardio is an awesome way to lose weight and keep your heart and lungs healthy. At the same time, kickboxing includes exercises that can tone muscle and increase flexibility, coordination, and balance. Kickboxing can do many of the same things for your body that yoga can, so if you love yoga, kickboxing might be a fun way to switch up your workout.

Cardio and Collagen

When starting up any new workout routine, always remember to pay attention to your body’s limits. While kickboxing involves lots of kicks, remember not to over-work your leg muscles and tendons by trying to kick higher than you’re capable of. Also pay attention to your food and water intake. With kickboxing being fast-paced cardio, you want to stay hydrated at all times. It’s also important to support your muscles and joints along the way; the easiest way to do this is to incorporate Gym and Tonic Collagen into your diet. Our collagen can support joint health and the protein in Gym and Tonic will make sure you have enough energy for your new workout routine.