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Is Your Tech Damaging Your Skin? Protection with Collagen


Think about the amount of time you spend with technology. From cellphones to computer monitors to tablets, most of us spend most of our day in the glow of a screen. And this tech has led to some problems. People have experienced carpal tunnel from their keyboards, bad eyesight from reading their screens, and a growing over-reliance on technology. But there might be another growing concern when it comes to screen-time; the beauty world is buzzing over the possibility that the light from our screens could be causing skin damage.

Blue Light

Cell phone and laptop screens emit “blue light,” a specific wavelength of light that is visible. Blue lights are linked to the body’s circadian rhythms; they make us more energized and wake us up which is great in the daytime but is why using your cellphone at night can be so disruptive to your sleep. Because this wavelength of light is included in the spectrum of light put out by the sun, fears have arisen that our cellphone screens may be aging our skin and causing damage similar to sun damage. The beauty industry has created products geared toward protecting skin from blue light and those products are becoming more and more numerous. Should you be worried about blue light?

Collagen Can Help

Blue light does seem to do some damage to skin. This wavelength of light is known to interact with melatonin production and can cause skin darkening which could lead to darkened under-eye circles or dark spots. When it comes to further damage such as sped-up aging, however, not enough research has been done to know if blue light has such an effect. If you’re looking to make sure your skin is strong and healthy, start from the inside with a regimen of Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen. Collagen helps the skin to retain elasticity and can help lighten dark spots so Traditional Tonic may be the perfect way to combat possible dangers of blue light from our technology.