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How to Fight Work-Day Fatigue


We’ve all experienced it: the slump in alertness that comes around in the afternoon and makes you tired and ineffective at work. Work day fatigue is frustrating and it may be tempting to try to solve the problem by chugging coffee or energy drinks but caffeine is only a temporary solution that may come with negative side effects of its own. Here are our tips for fighting work-day fatigue without resorting to caffeine or covert naps under your desk:

  1. Cut back on caffeine: Okay, I know this sounds counter-intuitive when you’re trying to be less sleepy during the day but, the truth is, consuming caffeine every day actually makes your body dependent on the chemical which means it will get more tired than before. By cutting back on your caffeine intake overall, a difficult process we will admit, you can increase your body’s ability to stay more alert on its own. Try cutting back to one cup of coffee a morning if you are used to consuming more. If you’re already down to one cup, try switching to tea which contains a lower amount of caffeine.
  2. Get more sleep: Yeah, these suggestions really are based in basic common sense. Obviously, if you get more sleep, you will be less tired during the day. It can be really difficult to find the time to get more sleep since we tend to want to fit as much into our days as possible but, in reality, you’ll get more done during the day if you’re more awake. Try raising your productivity by upping the number of hours you set aside for sleep.
  3. Pay attention to your health: this last point is pretty key. If your body is lagging in the afternoon, it’s probably telling you that it needs something. Instead of giving it caffeine, give it good stuff like plenty of water, healthy fruits and veggies, and some key supplements. By staying hydrated and improving your nutrition, you will raise your physical and mental stamina. This is also improved by getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body needs, including collagen. Add Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen to your daily routine to give your body collagen, protein, and amino acids that support full body and brain health to help you stay active all day.