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How Collagen can Help you Achieve the Perfect Self-Tan


Self-tanner has some serious benefits as well as some drawbacks. Self-tanner helps you avoid nasty consequences of tanning outside or in a tanning bed such as burns, wrinkles, and skin cancer. On the other hand, there is more room for error when it comes to self-tanner; depending on application, your tan could be too dark, uneven, or have streak-marks. These drawbacks, however, don’t have to stop you from choosing a safe tan alternative if you take collagen. Collagen is a surprising hero in the quest for the perfect self-tan and it can make the difference between a flawless glow and an uneven mess.

The most important key to an even tan from self-tanner is to make sure your skin doesn’t have too many dry patches or fine lines; tanner soaks into dry skin and settles into fine lines, making those parts of your skin darker than the rest. Exfoliation to remove dead skin and light moisturizer to sooth dry patches are both an important part of pre-tanning prep. However, neither of these steps do enough to even out skin and reduce fine lines without the help of a collagen regimen.

Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that contains the two types of collagen your body specifically uses to care for your skin. Collagen is responsible for healing the skin and keeping it elastic so that fine lines don’t form. As we age, our bodies slow their production of this important protein and our skin stops looking so young and even. By taking Beauty Tonic daily, you can replenish your body’s supply of collagen which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase the overall tone of your skin. Collagen also increases your skin’s moisture retention so that you have fewer dry patches to fight. With less dry skin and fewer fine lines, your self-tan can go on evenly and give you the perfect glow with no negative side effects.