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Health Match-Up: Collagen and Matcha for a Healthier You


Green tea has been a healthy beverage option for a long time but, recently, the health scene has zeroed in on one specific type of green tea that has become a pop-culture sensation: matcha. Instagram-worthy drinks made with bright green matcha powder are becoming a staple at trendy coffee shops and cafes in every city. But this tea isn’t only loved for its taste and appealing color, both of which are buzz-worthy on their own. Matcha also has some major health benefits that just might make it the perfect partner for a Collagen regimen.

Collagen supplements like Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen have wide-ranging health benefits. On a consistent Traditional Tonic regimen, you could see great improvements to your daily life including more natural digestion and increased brain function. Collagen, being the most important protein in the human body, can also help you achieve younger-looking skin and longer hair. From more natural sleep to fewer wrinkles, Traditional Tonic is great for a healthy lifestyle.

Matcha also has amazing benefits. Green tea, and matcha especially, contain powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants, called catechins, boost overall health but also are helpful with some major health risks. Matcha may be able to help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, helping to protect against heart disease and strokes. The antioxidants in matcha have even been linked to a reduced risk of some cancers and type 2 Diabetes. As long as you aren’t avoiding caffeine, matcha drinks could be the perfect way to get your daily dose of Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen. Combining all of these benefits could make a morning cup of collagen-infused matcha tea a powerful health tonic.