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Headaches, Migraines, and Collagen Relief

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Headaches Are The Worst!

When you have that dreaded feeling of a headache coming on, you know something is wrong. Often those aches and pains can develop into a full-blown migraine that can debilitate your life in minutes. Headaches and migraines are often dismissed and overlooked by those who are not often plagued with them. A migraine headache can cause confusion, loss of vision, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, and, for some, completely impair all normal motor function. In many studies, stress is linked to migraines. Even stress letdowns can be linked to triggering the attacks themselves. Fluctuation within hormone levels, traumatic events, or hunger can set off a major migraine. A Montefiore Headache Center study found that, “the chances of a migraine developing within six hours after a stressful episode was five times greater than any other trigger. In other words, while it may seem that the stressful situation is done and over with, the fluctuations in hormones for several hours afterwards could still cause a painful headache.” This means that any type of stress can lead to an attack.

Collagen and Headaches

So what does this have to do with collagen? Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen fights to control stress hormones, and purge the body from harmful toxins. Toxins can create a chemical reaction that can cause stress hormone levels to fluctuate, causing a headache reaction. By taking Traditional Tonic regularly, you can control your body and establish better control over wild hormones. This can happen to anyone at any age and often grows worse as your natural collagen levels deplete. It is important to note that collagen also cleanses the gut, which most nutrients pass through. When the body has too many toxins, it can not process normal vitamins that keep stress hormone levels at a healthy state. Collagen has many amazing functions and will keep you from having to shut down from a migraine headache.