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Growing out Bangs with Collagen

Woman with long hair and bangs


Bangs: frequent visitors to our childhood photos and often out-casted once we were old enough to make our own hair choices, adult bangs often feel like the riskiest hairstyle decision we can make. What if our face shape doesn’t work with bangs? What if they get in the way when we’re trying to wash our face or exercise? What if they make us look younger? Still, there’s something alluring about the prospect of getting bangs. When they look good, they can be gorgeous and fashionable and lots of celebrities make them look good. So let’s say you take the bait, make the plunge, and get bangs. And let’s say that after a week, you’re sick of them. Well, you’re pretty much stuck. As we all know, bangs take a long time to grow out and it can be months before they’re even long enough to sweep to one side. If only there was a way to make your hair grow back faster… oh wait, there is!

Beauty Tonic is an all-natural collagen supplement that contains collagen types I and III, the types your hair uses most to stay strong and healthy. Around our mid-twenties, our bodies stop producing as much collagen as they used to and our hair can become dry and brittle and grow much more slowly as a result. This is, perhaps, why getting bangs as an adult feels like such a dangerous commitment: your hair won’t grow back as quickly as it did when you were five and “accidentally” cut a chunk of your bangs off with safety scissors (come on, we all did it). With Beauty Tonic, though, your hair will bounce back more quickly. Bangs are still a risk and it will still take months to grow them out if you decide, too late, that they aren’t your style, but with Beauty Tonic, the process will be a little less painful.