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Five Major Skin Care Myths Debunked



Skin care is complicated. Everyone’s skin is different and that means everyone’s skin needs slightly different things from a skin care routine. Because skin care is such a mystery, there have been a lot of myths that have taken hold over the years that could be getting in the way of your best skin. We’re debunking five major skin care myths to help you find your way to your perfect skin care routine.

Myth: You only need sun protection on sunny days

Sun protection is one of the most important pieces of any skin care routine because properly protecting your skin from the sun can prevent dark spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. But people often forget that sunny days aren’t the only times your skin is in danger from the sun. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s dangerous rays make contact with your skin and, while you might not get a sunburn in as short of time, you could still do long-term damage to your skin. Remember to put on sunscreen every day to best protect your skin, even if that just means using foundations and moisturizers with sun protection in them.

Myth: Your skin should be so clean it squeaks

Cleaning your skin is definitely a must-do for proper skin care but cleaning your skin correctly is important. Often we think that we need to scrub something to make it clean and many people use the same principle for their skin, scrubbing their face with soap until the skin is literally squeaky clean. The reality is that cleaning your skin too thoroughly with harsh soaps and scrubbing methods removes the moisture from your skin. It’s best to reach for a gentle face wash to avoid stripping your skin.

Myth: People with oily skin shouldn’t use moisturizer

As seen with the previous myth, moisture is extremely important for your skin to avoid everything from flaking to wrinkles. However, there is a common myth that people with oily skin should avoid using moisturizers because it will make them even oilier. Oily skin or not, adding moisture to your skin is healthy and applying moisturizer to your skin won’t automatically cause you to produce extra oil as long as you reach for an oil-free moisturizer designed for your skin type.

Myth: You should use expensive skin care products

Often in our culture we think that more expensive products must be better and that does extend to skin care. The idea that you’ll need to buy very expensive, high-end skin care products if you want to have beautiful skin is common but it is also false. As long as you’re buying products that are free from harsh chemicals and designed for your skin type, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have good skin. You can support healthy skin with inexpensive products from sunscreen to moisturizer to Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement specifically for your skin, nails, and hair.

Myth: You can reverse wrinkles with anti-aging creams alone

Anti-aging wrinkle creams are on seemingly every skin-care shelf and all of them claim to reverse the look of wrinkles in your skin. However, no cream can cure or prevent wrinkles on its own and that is because your body is naturally slowing its production of collagen, the substance that keeps your skin taught. When the production of collagen slows (around your mid-twenties), wrinkles form, and your skin care routine needs help from the inside to keep up. Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement containing the two collagen types your body needs to support healthy skin, works from the inside out to prevent wrinkles and help reverse the formation of wrinkles. Working from the inside out gives you much more hope of warding off wrinkles than topical wrinkle creams alone.