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Fitness, Health, and Collagen: 3 Smart Ways to Start Your Day


Mornings can be rough. As we get older, it seems harder and harder to pull ourselves out of bed and get ready for the day. You might reach for caffeine or learn to skip some steps in your makeup routine, anything to make the morning a little more bearable. But the way you spend your morning has big impacts on how you feel and act for the rest of the day and an unenthusiastic, sluggish, or deprived start can make the rest of your day so much more difficult. There are three things to think about each morning that can make your day go much more smoothly: fitness, health, and collagen. As exhausting as it might sound, making your morning more meaningful will make you feel better in the long run.

Fitness: Even if you don’t want to, starting your morning with a little exercise is the best way to jump-start your day. When you exercise, even if it’s just a 20-minute cardio session, your body produces endorphins that lift your mood and make you feel more productive. Counterintuitively, exercising in the morning can actually make you feel more awake. Exercising in the morning also gets your metabolism moving and keeps it moving all day so that you will burn more calories throughout the day which is always a plus.

Health: It can be tempting to skip breakfast in the morning when you’re rushing to work. It’s also tempting to drive through a fast food joint for something filling but not nutritious. But starting your day with a healthy breakfast can wake you up and give you much-needed energy for the day. Some good options are to start your day with a fruit and veggie-packed smoothie or fruit and yogurt bowl. You also would do well to start your day with healthy proteins. Avoid greasy sources of protein like fatty bacon and, instead, reach for beans, peanut butter, or avocados.

Collagen: Starting your day with a scoop of Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen mixed into your smoothie, coffee, water, or juice has lots of benefits. For one, it is a healthy source of protein and amino acids which can support your brain, gut, and joints all day. On top of that, collagen ensures that your hair, skin, and nails stay strong and beautiful to give you a natural glow even an early morning can’t wipe away. Plus, getting your dose of collagen in the morning is the easiest thing you can do for yourself. Traditional Tonic is tasteless and highly soluble so all you need to do is mix it into your morning beverage and go about your day