Fighting Razor Burn with Collagen for a Bump-Free Summer - Custom Collagen


Fighting Razor Burn with Collagen for a Bump-Free Summer


There are few things more frustrating than shaving your legs in preparation for wearing a cute new dress or bathing suit and then realizing that, though your legs are hair-free, they’re covered in bumps from razor burn. Razor burn is an annoying rash that develops after shaving that can come with heat and itching and may eventually lead to red bumps when the hairs grow back incorrectly. While the symptoms of razor burn may be unsightly and annoying, you don’t have to let it ruin your summer! Here are some tips for fighting razor burn for a smooth summer.

  1. Protect your skin with Beauty Tonic. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement specifically designed for your body to be able to maintain soft, strong skin. Collagen is the protein your body uses to heal and regenerate skin but your body slows its own production of collagen as you age. By giving it a boost with Beauty Tonic, your body will be able to heal your skin faster, making razor burn less annoying.
  2. Consider razorless shaving options. If your razor frequently aggravates your skin, you may want to explore other hair removal options. You could try out hair removal creams or any of the new shaving innovations on the market. However, many of these methods come less naturally than shaving so we understand if you’re not ready to give up your razor.
  3. If you are sticking by your razor, mitigate the negative effects by taking care of your skin during and after shaving. Make sure to use shaving cream rather than regular soap to shave as soap is drying and might allow for more friction. Also remember to moisturize after you shave; using a simple unscented lotion or even coconut oil after shaving can calm the skin’s irritation and keep the rash from developing.