Fight Itchy Winter Skin with Collagen - Custom Collagen


Fight Itchy Winter Skin with Collagen


If you’ve ever noticed that your skin is itchier in the colder months, dry, cold winter air is probably the culprit. Every year in fall and winter, low-humidity air causes people’s skin to dry out and become chapped, cracked, and incredibly itchy. Dry skin causes itching because the skin, without its much-needed moisture, becomes irritated which means you have the urge to scratch. Scratching, though, will only lead to more irritation and, possibly, worse skin problems like infections. In order to keep that itchy skin away this winter, protect your skin with moisturizers and Beauty Tonic collagen.

Moisturizers are the most obvious fix for dry, itchy skin but, while lathering on a good lotion will do wonders to cure the symptoms, it works from the outside-in. On the other hand, a collagen supplement like Beauty Tonic works from the inside-out to protect your skin from the beginning, helping to prevent dryness and itching from presenting themselves in the first place. Collagen is the major protein in the body that makes up your skin but, by your mid-twenties, your body slows its production of this protein. Without that necessary supply of collagen, you’re more likely to see dry, itchy skin develop more easily, putting your skin at winter’s mercy.

Your body uses collagen to maintain and heal your skin so by taking Beauty Tonic, you give your body the ability to heal your skin faster; a Beauty Tonic regimen could help your skin heal damaged and dry skin more quickly. Beauty Tonic also helps your skin to absorb and retain moisture, making it the perfect solution for that itchy winter skin. With Beauty Tonic and a solid moisturizing routine, your skin can make it through the winter without giving you the constant urge to scratch.