Fall Skin Care and Collagen - Custom Collagen


Fall Skin Care and Collagen

As the hot summer days draw closer to their end, fall is quickly approaching. Fall is a fan-favorite season from the colors of the leaves to the cooler temperatures and, of course, Halloween and we’re so excited that fall is around the corner. But, like every season, fall’s approach requires a change-up of your beauty products. With less heat to worry about, your skin care routine will need some change-ups so we’ve put together our list of tips for fall skin care.

  1. Start upping your moisture game: while summer heat can make you look for ways to stay dry without wrecking your makeup, colder weather offers very different problems. Cooler, less humid air can dry out the skin and lead to flaking and cracking. Take care of your face and body by applying moisturizers but also take care of your lips, which can easily chap, by keeping lip balm on hand. This means that if you don’t have oily skin you can put away your oil-absorbing sheets and ultra-matte foundations.
  2. Don’t ditch the sun protection: while summer is the time of year when we really slather on the sunscreen, don’t fully ditch your sun protection in fall. You will still be out in the sunshine exploring and enjoying the cooler weather. Wearing more clothing will protect your skin but any exposed skin on your face and body should still be treated with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Look for a moisturizer with SPF in it if you want to do double duty with one product.
  3. Cool off your makeup shades: even without trying, it’s possible that you tanned a few shades this summer. If you have light to medium skin and you tanned this summer, you probably adjusted your beauty products (like foundation and concealer) to match your new glow. While your tan will fade slowly this fall you don’t want to look orange when your skin no longer matches your foundation. Swap out a lighter foundation and warm the look up with bronzer for a more natural-looking transition.
  4. Get one-stop skin care withBeauty Tonic: collagen is a miracle when it comes to your skin. From acne to dark marks to wrinkles, Beauty Tonic is an easy collagen supplement that is designed to combat skin problems and support healthy, naturally beautiful skin. Collagen helps your skin retain moisture which keeps it from drying out and forming fine lines, an important benefit in cooler weather. Collagen is also how your body heals your skin so it can be super helpful after summer time when sun damage is common.