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Collagen Supplements and Vitamins

Vitamins with Collagen

One of the most frequent questions asked is: “Can I take vitamins with Collagen?” The answer is yes! Our bodies are complex, and health can vary from person to person. There are many health supplements out there, but nothing will conflict with collagen. Here’s why:

Collagen is found in our bodies already, so when you take a collagen supplement it only adds to what should be happening in your body naturally. Most people take collagen because as you age, your own supply diminishes. Collagen Type I and Collagen Type III work together symbiotically to produce and regenerate your skin, muscles, and tendons. Collagen supplements such as Beauty Collagen will not only boost inside production, but also exterior health. Hair, skin, and nails are some of the more well known effects of taking collagen consistently.

More often than not, people will choose to take collagen for the external benefits, but beauty stems from the inside. Collagen can heal a leaky gut, help with digestion, stimulate the brain, and much more. Often the vitamins you take may coincide with the effects of regular collagen consumption. Collagen is often referred to as the MVP supplement because it does so much for little cost. Our Beauty Tonic has no sugar, carbohydrates, is Soy Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, and is responsibly and sustainably sourced from grass fed and pasture raised bovine.

Beauty Tonic is incredibly easy to add into your natural diet. Often when you are taking vitamins you take it with some sort of beverage. Our easy to use packets of collagen are quick to take on the go. Mix it into your morning coffee, fruit of vegetable juice, or even smoothies. So don’t worry about how you’re going to start adding collagen because we make it easy for you!