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Collagen Supplements and Micro-Needling


Micro-Needling; it might sound like some form of torture but it is actually an increasingly popular skin care technique. Just like it sounds, micro-needling involves puncturing the surface of the skin with tiny needles to create very small injuries in the hopes of stimulating collagen production and new skin growth. Because of their focus on collagen production, micro-needling and collagen supplements are a perfect pair. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of micro-needling or you’re looking for an alternative, Beauty Tonic is a great addition to your beauty routine.

While it might sound extreme, the idea behind micro-needling makes sense; creating small injuries in the skin causes the body to rush collagen and elastin to that area in order to heal and re-generate the skin. In theory, then, micro-needling causes your body to create a new, more flawless, layer of skin that can help reduce wrinkles, acne marks, and scars. We know that collagen can do all of those things for your skin so triggering your skin to use collagen sounds great.

However, we also know that our bodies slow their production of collagen as we age, starting in our mid-twenties. This can mean that your body doesn’t have the collagen it needs to properly repair and refresh your skin, even with micro-needling. That’s where a collagen supplement like Beauty Tonic comes in. Beauty Tonic contains collagens type I and III, the two types your body needs to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. With Beauty Tonic, your body’s supply of collagen increases which allows your body to respond properly to micro-needling.

If you aren’t thrilled about the idea of a dermatologist puncturing your skin with needles, Beauty Tonic is a great stand-alone alternative. Giving yourself more collagen allows your skin to work on issues like wrinkles, acne marks, and fine lines without inflicting injuries to the skin. Beauty Tonic can help you achieve smoother, healthier skin with or without micro-needling.